About Blyde

Are you an inspiring leader or just managing to survive? Everything we do revolves around people – how we lead them, how they work together, what their work preferences are, and the processes and systems we support them with so they can be efficient.

I work with heart-centred leaders who are serious about their team’s success. Being able to help career-driven professionals find purpose, experience growth, love their work-life and accelerate their performance is something I feel incredibly grateful to do. No two humans are the same and a solution that worked for one team is not necessarily going to work for yours.

Having walked in your shoes, I know how hard it can be to juggle all these priorities, get a good return on your HR investment and feel accomplished.

I do not believe in mass produced cookie-cutter programs to tick boxes, sales funnels or offering products that waste the precious time of my clients. Instead, I provide you with a toolbox of customised strategies and personalised support you can fall back on when you hit a bump in the road.

I am passionate about team coaching – an area is where you can really get traction and start seeing results – and am honoured to be an Associate of Team Management Systems®. My blended approach of consulting, mentoring, leadership development and coaching equips me to work across all levels in the organisation and tailor the solution to the unique needs of you and your team.

As an Associate of Pulse Software Solutions I can help you get rid of time-consuming inefficiencies and HR burdens through cost-effective, streamlined processes like e-recruitment, e-learning, performance management, HR records and onboarding. Pulse expertly integrates strategy and overall organisational goals with individual performance and offers user-friendly integrated strategic planning, project management and risk management.

I was fortunate enough to be rapidly promoted to senior roles from a very young age, in times and industries where female leaders and young people had no voice. I was one of the youngest people to be appointed as Deputy Director in the Public Service and proceeded to become the first female head of department of the Financial Services Board – a statutory organisation consisting of seasoned actuaries and chartered accountants.

In my career that stretches over 30 years in a wide range of industries – including private, public and local government – I have grown to realise that it makes me incredibly happy when I can help others succeed.

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At the end of 2019 I changed direction so I could focus all my energy in coaching teams for success, helping individuals thrive in business and supporting people who are keen to make a positive shift in their lives.

Since leaving full time employment I turned my photography business – Coastal Drones – into a success story, helped many small startups get on their feet, launched a range of eco friendly yoga mats and coached many beautiful people who were keen to make a positive shift in their lives.

I choose to work with kind, brilliant humans so they can unleash leadership and influence in the world and am proud of the people I have mentored over the years. I draw joy from helping people align with their dream job, develop a higher level of self-awareness and confidence, strengthen leadership skills, prepare for interviews or break through other barriers that have been holding them back from achieving the success they deserve.

Let’s explore how you can thrive.


I am a small business owner too!

Apart from helping organisations, individuals and teams thrive through my coaching and consultation services, I am a photographer and drone operator.

Building my creative business Coastal Drones has taught me a lot about business and marketing.

I love supporting new startups launch their businesses without having to go through months of research and have heaps of resources for you to tap into.

Let’s chat.

Why Work With Me


I have been finding Human Resource solutions since 1989. My degree in Psychology, Organisational Psychology and Sociology is backed by reputable accreditations.


I follow the ethical guidelines of the International Coach Federation.



I do not provide cookie-cutter solutions. Everything I do is tailored around my client’s needs. Once I am on board with a client it becomes a lasting partnership – I am driven by helping others succeed.


I am regarded as a trusted advisor. I have built my own business from scratch and am passionate helping others succeed.



I have clients from as far as USA and South Africa  – we meet over Skype and Zoom and many of my coaching conversations take place over the telephone. I am happy to travel to you for face to face connection.



My clients report growth after working with me. I am constantly seeking new solutions for them.

A true HR/change professional who can maximise the symbiotic relationships between organisations and people achieving outstanding outcomes. Blyde possesses a distinctly unique gift in uniting teams particularly in times of change or adversity. Her calm, engaging and inspirational style of communication is instrumental in finding the true need for change or development and the collaborative steps for moving forward to achieve clear resolve. A visionary in organisational planning and teams development creating cohesive brilliance.

Symone Williams

Area Manager, Skilled Workforce

After opened my business 18 months ago, I still had very limited knowledge about running a business. I was feeling overwhelmed. Blyde has a gentle nature and is incredible knowledgeable. She was able to coach me through setting goals and discovering solutions. Blyde was able to break down these feelings of overwhelm and help prioritise, making me realise running a business doesn’t have to be terrifying and I can achieve my goals. I cannot recommend her services, her professionalism and her warmth enough.

Tash Alexander

EFT Practitioner, The Tapping Room

Thank YOU! I had so much fun during our session, and love your coaching approach. You are a great listener and very wise- I got a lot out of our session together. Thank you for sharing the video and action plan too – I can not wait to get started

Tim Cassettari

Project And Communications Director, Nutrition Research Australia

My team member was underperforming. Your coaching has opened my eyes. I made a few tweaks to how I work with her and she is now one of my most reliable employees. My team collaborate significantly better than a few months ago, their self awareness has increased and the conflict in the team has disappeared!


Executive Coaching Client

Thank you! Without your mentorship and guidance I still wouldn’t have been able to grow, expand my horizons and most of all Believe in myself!!!!!!!
Ruby Tuesday Resin

I am immensely impressed (and surprised) with the progress I have made after my initial consultation with Blyde. Prior to our discussions I would never have been able to deal successfully with such an important potential client. She supplied me with outstanding guidance and direction

Ana Emge

Ana Emge Art

There are no words to tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for me. You had one session with me and I can see clearly what I need to do.


Private Coaching Client

Blyde Neser is a consummate professional and is extremely knowledgeable in many areas of Human Resources and Organisational Development. More critically Blyde is an excellent coach and supervisor, she has an ability to work well with others and balance their needs with that of the organisation as well as her own priorities. Working under Blyde’s guidance I was able to develop some skills that I felt I would never achieve in a short space of time. Blyde is supportive, organised and a wonderful person to work with.

Naomi Cook

Learning and Development Coordinator, Coffs Harbour City Council