HR Automation

HR LinQ is an enterprise grade Human Resources Information System (HRIS) designed for small to medium businesses

Ideal for organisations with little to no in-house human resource support, HR LinQ provides an online platform to centrally manage and automate employee onboarding, learning and development as well as performance. Essential tasks including policy acknowledgement, training reminders, learning pathway development as well as performance reviews are all set, tracked, delivered, managed, and reported centrally through the platform.

Save time, automate processes, and meet regulatory requirements, ultimately freeing up valuable time previously spent on manual tasks.

Digitise employee records

Retire paper-based processes and centrally access employee data and HR documents, manage and track employee performance reviews, or run functional reports in a couple of clicks.

Drive employee performance

Drive a transparent review process and enable both reviewers and reviewees to have meaningful performance and career conversations. Save time, automate processes, and meet regulatory requirements, ultimately freeing up valuable time previously spent on manual tasks.

Nurture and develop

Fast-track employee productivity by providing new hires with an online portal filled with onboarding materials. Offer continuous professional development to staff as well as manage, record and report training information simply and centrally.

Save time

Automate tasks, centrally set and manage employee reminders and reduce the time spent on repetitive administration.

Meet compliance needs

Create peace of mind that your organisation is meeting compliance requirements and lower your business risk. Track policy and process acknowledgement as well as employee certifications (such as WHS capabilities) centrally in the one solution.

Payroll integration

Integrate with your favourite payroll system and create a single source of truth for employee information.

A platform for creating a consistent introduction to your organisation whilst ensuring HR-compliance

Manage the employee lifecycle

One solution for new hire onboarding, career transitions and employee exits.

Performance Management

Conduct transparent employee reviews online aligned to company goals, behaviours, culture and more.

Online Learning

Scale your online learning library with the eLearning and authoring tool

Forms Engine

Create customised forms with workflows designed to align to your processes.


Publish job listings to your website (or via Seek) and manage the entire recruitment process through to job offer and onboarding.

Cloud Based

Accessible from any internet enabled device.

Payroll Integration

Payroll integration is available via the standard API framework.


  • Employee HR records
  • Employee HR documents
  • Onboarding portal
  • Career transition portal
  • Staff exit portal
  • Policy management

Includes Express plus

  • Training log
  • Accreditations

Includes Fast-Track plus

  • eLearning
  • Performance reviews

Optional Features

  • eRecruitment & Applicant Tracking
  • Additional HR Forms