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Inner Circle Leadership Program

 Personalised 3-month Strengths-based Leadership Coaching Program for people who want to grow their leadership confidence.

You don’t need to be in a leadership role to join us. Leadership skills cut across all areas in life.

Arrangements available for government procurement purposes. Pro bono seats available to participants from the not-for-profit sector.

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter leadership

Are you tired of conforming to outdated leadership norms that demand a harsh and autocratic approach? Do you feel a deep intuition telling you that there’s another way to lead, one that taps into a kinder, more human-based approach?

In a world that has long celebrated masculine leadership traits, many incredible humans like you have sensed a misalignment. Your intuition is right; there is a better way to lead.

Welcome to a new era of leadership.

Nobody reports to exactly the same person, faces exactly the same challenges as you, has your personality or shared the experiences that make up your unique leadership DNA.

Step away from the autocratic model and embrace a leadership style rooted in authenticity. Your true self is your greatest asset.

We follow a holistic, human-centred approach to leadership to support professionals and teams who are serious about taking control of their lives, find purpose, experience growth, love their work-life and accelerate their performance.

Come and put up your feet in a safe, exclusive space.

Break through the barriers that other leadership and team programs have failed to do in the past, and learn how to confidently lead towards high performance, YOUR way.

Sometimes it feels like we just have to work a few more nights, put work in front of our family and health one more time, just dig that little bit deeper, gather enough energy and that breakthrough will come.

And before you know it, years have gone by.

Do you feel out of depth and frustrated because your team is not performing to the right standards and delivering the results you are after, despite investing in leadership programs?

Sitting confidently at the leadership table doesn’t always come naturally. Many who have gone before you have sat there doubting themselves, thinking they aren’t cut out for this leadership thing after all.

Only 8 seats per cohort

Exclusive, personalised 3 month leadership program

Only made available a few times each year.

By application only. To request an application form, e-mail us on [email protected]

Meet your coach

“Kind human, I have walked in your shoes. I was rapidly promoted through leadership roles, always being elevated to the next step but never feeling that I was good enough”.

 Blyde Neser is an accomplished Human Capital Consultant and ICF Accredited Executive and Team Coach, and the driving force behind Professional Coaching Solutions, a collective of highly experienced and qualified thought leaders, consultants, coaches, and other skilled practitioners who have joined forces to multiply social impact.

With a focus on human-centric leadership development, workplace wellness, mental resilience, strategic talent and change management, and the empowerment of process automation, Professional Coaching Solutions collaborates with visionary leaders, cultivating thriving teams and enhancing organisational performance.

Their approach is evidence-based, comprehensive and holistic, creating synergistic solutions to reduce bullying, harassment, discrimination, poor leadership, conflict, and other team dysfunctions, improve mental wellbeing, engagement, and productivity and – ultimately – amplify stakeholder impact.

“I broke the glass ceiling as the first female to be promoted to a head of department at the Financial Services Board, but I sat at that boardroom table feeling completely out of my depth, terrified of being judged because I was one of the youngest on the leadership team, the only woman, and also the only one in the room who was neither a Chartered Accountant nor an actuary. It literally broke my heart leaving my 3-month-old baby at daycare, but I went back to work, because I had to “man up” and there was “important business to attend to”. I was terrified that I am going to be seen as a failure in my professional role and jeopardise my career. I wish I could travel back in time to prevent my younger self from burning out and creating an incurable autoimmune disease. But I can’t. What I CAN do , is to help others to avoid the mistakes I made”.

“Blyde, before working with you I felt like a failure. My team wasn’t working well together, nobody was meeting deadlines and everything was just too hard. I worked longer and longer hours, thinking it will help if I just get a few projects over the line. You helped me uncover what prevented me from leading my team from my heart, in a way that felt comfortable to ME and aligned with my natural flow. My team has started working together in a way that is bringing out the best in them. I feel much more comfortable at executive meetings now, no longer out of my depth and afraid of being judged.”

Sarah M

NFP Executive

Only 8 seats per cohort

Exclusive, personalised 3 month leadership program

Only made available a few times each year.


By application only. To request an application form, e-mail us on [email protected]

Find your own leadership voice so you can lead confidently from your heart, in a way that aligns with who you truly are, saving you time and setting you free to focus on doing the work you love.

Help your team break through obstacles that have been derailing them. Stop micromanaging so you can get off the hamster wheel and start focusing on the type of work that energises you and gives you joy.

Learn how to coach yourself and your team so you can gently and confidently navigate in the right direction, feeling empowered to make sound decisions when challenges arise. 

Program Structure


13 live, personalised group leadership coaching sessions over 3 months.


Confidential 1:1 leadership coaching session with an experienced leadership and team coach.


Online resources (workbooks, templates, videos etc).


Maximum of 8 participants per cohort.


Questionnaires, diagnostics, cheat sheets and tools.


Opportunity to apply learning in practice.


Accountability partner to be your mentor and sounding board.


Supportive community of like-minded professionals.


Assessments endorsed by the British Psychological society, with 2 years’ access to online activity centre.


Alumni of trusted peers.

Set your own goals for growth

Unpack the obstacles standing in your way as a leader.

Build courage to be vulnerable and lead from the heart

Align your leadership style with your whole self – your personal values, purpose and personality. Become more authentic in your leadership style.

Lead courageously

Understand why some people feel threatened by opportunities and focus on the obstacles of change, forever telling you that your ideas will not work. Learn why some people are reluctant to take calculated risks whilst others may jump in prematurely and create huge risks.

Discover how to manage neurodiversity better, how to lead with empathy and avoid stepping into the trap of being an “Accidental Diminisher”.

Develop Powerful Communication Skills

Become more confident getting your point across, apply active listening and learn about digital body language. Learn about providing and receiving feedback, dealing with passive-aggressive behaviour and how  360 degree feedback can help you grow.

Discover the Golden Thread of team success

Diagnose your team’s joy blockers. Develop an action plan to tackle team dysfunctions and derailers.

Develop a deeper understanding of your and your team's work preferences

Learn how work preferences impact on joy at work. Discover tools and communication strategies you can apply with your team straight away.

Tackle Mindset, Emotional Intelligence and Negative Thinking Patterns

Learn how to reframe the dialogue and develop emotional intelligence. Practice simple coaching techniques you can use effectively to challenge your own thinking patterns and coach your team. Stress busting techniques to replenish your leadership batteries, switch off fight or flight, and reduce anxiety before a difficult conversation.

Strengthen Psychological Safety of your Team

Simple steps to win your team’s respect, help them build a stronger alliance, improve levels of trust, strengthen collaboration and ensure a clearer path towards team goals. Start discovering how to overcome team dysfunctions.

Some of the inclusions..

Team Management Profile® with personalised reports and resources 

Endorsed by the British Psychological Society, the TMP has been used in high performing teams of some of the world’s most successful organisations. It gives you a clear understanding of how you and your team prefer to work and how that impacts on communication, decision making, collaboration, team dynamics and high performance.*

* If you have already completed a TMP, you will be eligible to transfer your profile credit to someone in your team, or alternatively book an additional 1:1 coaching session (one hour) as replacement.

Bonus: Online diagnostics, workbooks and cheat sheets that you can use with your team straight away.

Opportunities-Obstacles QO2 TM Profile 

Personalised report based on scientifically based assessments, a workbook and diagnostic tools, to help you understand how people approach risks, change  and opportunities and identify your personal development strategies.

Understand why:

Some people feel threatened by opportunities and focus on the obstacles of change, forever telling you that your ideas will not work.

Some people are constantly dissatisfied with the status quo.

Some people are reluctant to take small, calculated risks whilst others may jump into things and create huge risks.

You may get annoyed with people who come to you with a new idea that is obviously full of faults.

Online resource centre

Two years’ access and support with diagnostics, tools and e-learning to support you in your personal development journey, help you and your team with feedback/ mentoring conversations, improve project performance and build more trust. 

Bonus: Free feedback tool for each of your team members.

13 Exclusive, confidential, power hours (live!)

Our group coaching sessions are 1 – 1.5 hours each. Sessions are capped at a maximum of 8 people to ensure personalised attention.

Missed a session? No problem, a confidential replay can be made  available (only accessible by the cohort).

Support Team

Access to our Support Team for the duration of the programme.

Accountability Partners

Join a cohort of like-minded professionals who can support you when you get stuck, act as accountability partners and be your sounding board when you face a challenge.

Options for those who want to take a deeper dive

If you want to learn more about a specific topic there will be additional resources, leadership podcasts you can listen to while driving to work, and book recommendations to explore.


Private 1:1 Leadership coaching session with an accredited team, leadership and cognitive behavioural coach and associate of Team Management Systems.


Is the program available to Government employees?

Yes, Government procurement can be covered under an existing Standard Operating Notice. Please e-mail us on [email protected] for more details.

Who is this program for?

  • Kind-hearted leaders and emerging leaders who want to help their teams become high performers and are tired of working long hours to make it happen.
  • People who are serious about showing up for themselves and their team.
  • Those that are not freaked out about terminology like “energy”, “manifestation” or the occasional f-bomb.
  • Those who are willing to hold space for others in the circle, and contribute towards their growth in a powerful way.

What if I want this for my whole team?

Very wise decision! You will get huge traction without compromising your own self-development, and your team will enjoy the self-development opportunity. More importantly, the fact that you appreciate them will make a huge difference in their confidence and enhance their performance.

For a quote, just email us on  [email protected]

How many people will be in the live sessions?

If you arrange for your whole team to attend, it will depend on the size of your team. If you attend individually, the program is capped at 8 attendees to ensure personalised attention.

Will sessions be recorded so I can watch it if I miss a session?

Yes, but it will only be accessible to the cohort group to maintain confidentiality.

Will I get a certificate of completion?

This is not a formal qualification but you will receive a certificate of completion.

What if this is not for me or not what I expected?

If you are not satisfied, just e-mail us before session 3 to arrange for a refund.

How do I pay?

Payment Plans available.

To pay by credit card, click on the “Join Now” buttons on this page. To receive an invoice and pay via EFT, e-mail us on  [email protected]


Only 8 seats per cohort

Exclusive, personalised 3 month leadership program

Only available four times a year.

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Pay $8,500 for yet another cookie cutter leadership qualification that might be inspiring while it lasts, but has no long-term impact?

Be on a programme with 100 other people getting very little customised, one on one attention?


Attend a personalised programme as part of a small exclusive group of supportive, kind-hearted peers and break through the things that have been holding you back from reaching your true potential as a leader?

How much time are you wasting now, lying awake worrying about issues with your team, not being present for your family, not getting time to do the things you love? One hour a day?

What will be possible if you just invest an hour every week in a guided program to help you keep on track, step into your true potential and get your team to work brilliantly together?

Only 8 seats per cohort. Payment plans and corporate options available.

 Earlybird offer: Be one of the first 4 to claim your seat at the table and get 30% off

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