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Maximising team performance through a proactive, holistic, integrated approach, we help professionals thrive so they can have greater social impact

HR Consulting | Individual Work Life, Career Transition & Interview Coaching | ICF Accredited Executive, Leadership & Team Coaching

Organisational Wellbeing |Talent Management Strategy |HR Process Automation | HRIS | Bullying, Harassment and Burnout Prevention

Blyde Neser

Everything revolves around humans. How we lead  them, what their work preferences are, the energy we convey and how we enable them to accomplish great things.

My name is Blyde (pronounced “Blady”), Chief Engagement Officer and Founder of Professional Coaching Solutions. Collaborating with trusted associates, we offer human-focused HR consulting, facilitation and coaching to help Local Government, public sector and Not-for-Profit teams excel.

Humans are complex beings. Our brains are wired differently. One size fits all tick and flick compliance programs don’t reduce team dysfunctions and improve engagement.

Leadership and talent management involves a deeper understanding of – and respect for – the diverse ways in which humans are wired.

We are revolutionising corporate leadership to help teams build mental fitness, find purpose, avoid burnout and thrive.


Vision & Strategy

Value Alignment. Goal Setting. Set yourself up for sustainable success. Navigate through changes.

Plan & Execute

Workforce Strategy. Operational Plans. Quarterly Reporting. Help your team kick meaningful goals.

Inspire & Grow

Team Coaching. Executive Coaching. Change Coaching. Leadership development. Work Life Coaching. Mentoring.

Shift & Improve

Business Process Improvement. Change Management. Skills Audits. Diagnostics. Get rid of process inefficiencies that lead to burnout.

Collaborate & Succeed

Performance Improvement Strategies.

Unlock & Accelerate

Career Coaching to discover true potential. Resume and LinkedIn reviews. Interview Coaching.


Energise & Thrive

Bite size training sessions to realign you and your team and accelerate learning.


Strategies and Projects. Respect @ work compliance. Change management.

Projects include