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Blyde Neser


My name is Blyde. You pronounce it “Blady”. 

It all revolves around humans. How we lead and inspire them, what their work preferences are, the energy we convey to our teams and the resources we provide to enable them to accomplish great things.

I work with heart-centred leaders and professionals who recognise that we need to take a holistic approach to success.

Collaborating with trusted associates, Professional Coaching Solutions provides customised HR solutions across a range of industries including the public sector and commercial enterprise.

Vision & Strategy

Value Alignment. Goal Setting. Set yourself up for sustainable success. Navigate through changes.

Plan & Execute

Workforce Management Plans. Operational Plans. Quarterly Reporting.

Inspire & Grow

Team Coaching. Leadership development. Work Life Coaching. Mentoring.

Shift & Improve

Business Process Improvement. Change Management. Skills Audits.

Collaborate & Succeed

Performance Improvement Strategies.

Unlock & Accelerate

Career Coaching to discover true potential. Resume and LinkedIn reviews. Interview Coaching.


Energise & Thrive

Bite size training sessions to realign you and your team and accelerate learning.


Strategies and Projects. Recruitment panels.

Recent Projects