Blyde Neser


Professional Coaching Solutions

for the Career Focused

Work Life | Team Coaching | Mentoring and Leadership Development
Strategic HR Consulting | Public Sector Programmes

Blyde Neser


My name is Blyde. You pronounce it “Blady”. 

I am an experienced human resources professional, business consultant and accredited coach.

Collaborating with skilled associates, Professional Coaching Solutions deliver corporate HR projects across a range of industries including local government and commercial enterprise.

Vision & Strategy

Value Alignment. Goal Setting. Set yourself up for sustainable success. Navigate through changes.

Plan & Execute

Workforce Management Plans. Operational Plans. Quarterly Reporting.

Inspire & Grow

Leadership development. Work Life Coaching. Mentoring.

Shift & Improve

Business Process Improvement. Change Management. Skills Audits.

Collaborate & Succeed

Performance Management. Team Coaching.

Unlock & Accelerate

Career Coaching to discover true potential. Resume and LinkedIn reviews. Interview Coaching.


Energise & Thrive

Bite size training sessions to realign you and your team and accelerate learning.


Strategies and Projects. Recruitment panels.

Current Projects